Week 2: Pain, Pain Go Away...Don't come again another day.

  1. Let's do a pain check in today

  2. Do you feel pain anywhere in your body? Perhaps your jaw line? Your neck? Your back? Your tummy? Your legs or your feet?

  3. I want you to take a minute to focus on where the pain is. Now close your eyes and imagine a big bright white light surrounding the body part you feel pain. Now keep that bright light there and hold it there for 2 minutes. 

  4. Now take a piece of pen and paper out and write a letter to your pain. Ask your pain what lesson it has come to teach you? Patience? Present moment awareness? Gratitude? Let your pain know how you feel and write small goals you can do minimize your pain. Eat healthier? Stretch more? Drink more water? Use a heating pad? Now fold the piece of paper and put it away in your drawer. 

  5. Now close your eyes and give gratitude to your body for everything it has given you up until this moment. Every unique body part has to work in synergy and in harmony in order for you to functional well. So be grateful for what you have and keep your focus on what is going right. 

  6. In 1 week re- read your letter. See if you have stuck to your goals and see if you would like to make new goals!


Rupa Mahadevan